Myers attracting a crowd

Ever since the rain stopped, the number of boats gathering to watch Britt Myers has grown steadily. It's up to 25 now, and all are courteously giving Myers plenty of room. He needs it, as Myers is working wide swaths of Douglas Lake, where schools of bass are holding deep.


It's still a little early in the game to describe exactly what he's doing, but let's just say he's making extremely long casts with a deep-running crankbait. Extremely long casts. And he's doing some kneeling-and-reeling to get the bait as deep as possible.


Myers also benefited from a school that blew up on the surface while attacking some shad, catching a keeper from it on what appeared to be a swimbait.


At Friday's weigh-in Myers was lamenting the few number of bites he got that day. He's not having that problem today.

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