The Myers armada

"It was unbelievable," Britt Myers said about the courtesy shown him Saturday by the armada following him from stop to stop. Those numbers got as high as 25 and  will probably top that today although there's only about 20 following him now.


Myers' pattern all week has been running and gunning, and he's already on his fourth spot this morning. The moves are easier now, as the fog has burned off the lake.


The courtesies extended to Myers Saturday included one boat driver who stayed with him all day. In Myers' excitement of leading the tournament Friday, he forgot to charge his cranking battery that night. He was afraid he might have  to come  in early Saturday, just to make certain he could fire up his outboard in time make his check-in. But when the boater offered to hang with Myers all day,  in case he needed a jump start, that's one less thing Myers had to worry about.


This fourth stop today is where Myers caught some of his better fish yesterday, but it was cloudy and rainy then.