Howell moving up the leaderboard

Randy Howell's making a nice move up the leaderboard today. He probably doesn't have much of a chance to win, but those places in the standings mean a lot in the AOY race. It could mean the difference between a big trophy and big disappointment at the end of the year. It's funny, but the only angler who ever admits to thinking about AOY right out of the gate is Kevin VanDam. Maybe that's why he always wins it. The other Elites will deny that they think of the title until the season's nearly over and they're in the hunt. Even then they'll tell you it's not foremost in their minds. KVD never takes his eyes off that prize. He's got tremendous focus. Randy Howell may be thinking about it a little bit, too. Whether he is or not, moving up a little gets you points you might need at the end. AOY is a title you win a little bit at a time or lose all at once.