He's Baa-ak

Photographer James Overstreet has covered a lot more of these fishing  derbies than I have, and neither one of us has ever seen anything  like what  Britt Myers is doing. Here's the routine since he caught his fourth fish:


Stop #20 - 12:03 to 12:10

Stop #21 - 12:13 to 12:16

Stop #22 - 12:23 to 12:26

Stop #23 - 12:29 to 12:32

Stop #24 - 12:37 to ?


We're back where Myers caught his fourth fish. It's deja vu all over again following Myers on Douglas Lake, all over again, and again and again.


And right on time, Myers catches his fifth fish. Unbelievable!


"I'm in the 15-(pound) range now," said an obviously elated Myer. "I don't know, man."


It was a fat 3-pounder.


"That's five!" he said. "I ain't never worked that hard in my life for five  fish."