Heavy fog covers Douglas Lake

Yesterday we had storms, today we have some fog. Evidently a pretty thick layer of it has developed in the area where Jeremy Starks and Britt Myers are fishing.


It's kind of a scary thought. It was clear at take off this morning, where there was an armada of spectator boats waiting to take off with the final 12 competitors. It only takes one of  them getting lost to create a bad situation.


We have our fingers crossed. Meanwhile we are seeing some catches taking place on BASSTrakk.


Britt Myers has a 2-pounder; Dean Rojas has two for 6-10; Andy Montgomery has three for 6-4; Jeremy Starks has a 3-pounder and Jamie Horton has two for 4-4. No real moves in the standings, except for Rojas who has moved to second place.


Rojas has jumped out each day with a solid limit caught within the first hour and a half, followed not to far behind with Myers catching his.


They both seem to be on the same track today.

Here's a foggy photo of Jeremy Starks and spectators, taken by Darren