Douglas more productive than expected

Douglas Lake has shown its stuff this week with the Elite anglers. In the only other B.A.S.S. visits to the venue, it produced a lot of fish, but they were extremely small. In 2001 at a MegaBucks tournament, the average bass weighed just 1-9. A year ago in an Open, the average bass weighed a more respectable (but still quite small) 1-14. This time around it's much better. Through three days, the average fish brought to the scales weighed 2-8. Is it due to the caliber of the anglers? After all, the Elites are the best in the business. Actually, it's probably a combination of a better competition field and the time of year. The Open last year came a month later. As for the difference between this year's production and what happened in 2001, it's almost certainly due to an upsurge in the fishery. Most waters go through productivity cycles, and Douglas is much stronger now than in 2001, when 10 pounds a day would put you high in the standings.