Winning Classic decisions

Winning the Classic is all about making the right decisions. There are so many variables involved that successful anglers have to be flexible. The last time they were on the water was Wednesday. Thursday was warm and windy, while this morning the temperature has dipped back down.


Plus this is spring, a time of transition. The fish will be changing constantly and those who keep an open mind and  make the right adjustments will prevail. That's one of the reasons KVD has been so good in the Classic the last few years. It's hard to think of anyone who adjusts quicker than VanDam.


At launch, many of the anglers were mulling over what decisions to make. These aren't simple decisions either. As Chris Lane told me, they depend on what anglers go where and how crowded some places are. At some point though, you just have to fish.


Our decision is to go down to Pool 4 and cover the popular areas around Sullivan's. I'm curious to see who is locking down to 4 and even potentially 3. Should be an interesting day. Like most tournaments, we don't know much at the start, but this blog is our way of learning more and sharing it with you. Post any questions you might have about the conditions or anything else in the comments section and I'll do my best to answer them.

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