Wilks flustered by crowd

Dustin Wilks must be frustrated. Though he's doing the best of the pros in McDade, he said that he had this whole area to himself for half of one practice day. Now there are anglers running all over the place, which has Wilks worried.


"I don't think this place can stand up to this for three days," he said about the immense pressure the small backwater is seeing.


Just a few minutes ago he caught a small bass that had been culled already today. He's got a solid limit and is now shooting for a larger female fish. He's alternating between a decent size swimbait and a crankbait. He also mentioned that the area where Roumbanis just landed a bass is where he caught his two biggest fish in practice.


"It must've been a good one, too, 'cause they cheered when he caught it."


Yerger, my boat driver, and Iaconelli suspect that most of the fish being caught on the flat are smaller buck bass prowling the shallows, looking for a spot to spawn.

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