Who is going to lock and will it pay off?

The big debate coming in here was who is going lock and will it pay off. These river tournaments are always a story of fishing time vs. quality fish vs. pressured fish. And finding the right balance between those three things has a lot to do with the decision these guys make to lock or not to lock.


With that said, as you can see in this screen grab from BASSTrakk, there is a pile of anglers, including Kevin VanDam, are sitting a few hundred yards from launch.


Only 13 guys locked. Swindle estimated that number to be 40 earlier in the week, so that's a big surprise. Not many guys locked in Wednesday's practice, but Wednesday's practice is usually just a day for these guys to check out the water and check secondary spots. It will be interesting to watch the leaderboard today and compare weights from those who locked and those who did not.

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