Walker working on a plan

David Walker started the day with a new prop on his outboard motor. The new wore off it pretty quick. Walker was leaving one of his first fishing spots when his prop thumped a stump.

"It bent one of the ears back," Walker said. "I had to change it out."


Walker was in a popular backwater area at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, but he didn't seem to mind the crowd.


"If you get the right plan in an area this big, there won't be enough boats in here to stop it," Walker said.


But he hadn't figured out the right plan yet.


"I think the conditions are really good," Walker said, "but the fish don't act like it. I'm surprised. I think this is ideal. This is the best chance to catch your biggest fish. The bass are pre-spawn; they are as heavy as they are going to be all year.

"It's muddy, it's shallow, it's cold, I like it."

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