Vinson on a roll

This new stretch of water is paying big dividends for Greg Vinson -- maybe $500,000 worth if this keeps up.


Headed back toward his main area, Vinson was rolling the spinnerbait perpendicular to the backside hyacinths when he bowed up on one. But just as soon as he pulled it over the side of the boat, he shook it off and threw right back in the same spot.


I couldn't tell exactly what he said to his cameraman, but I think he was telling him that two fish went for the blade but the smaller one reached the bait first.


Vinson dropped the Power-Poles and caught two more within the next couple of minutes. He culled at least once, maybe twice (I couldn't determine if he threw back the fish he'd just caught or one out of the well from my vantage point). Either way, I'm estimating he's somewhere between 13 and 14 pounds now.

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