Vinson reaches a limit

Greg Vinson is making things interesting. After needing nearly four hours to catch his limit, he has put three in the boat in the past half hour. The last one enabled him to cull the other small keeper in his well. Vinson continues to work the blade along the hyacinths on the bank. For the past 10 minutes, he has pushed into some new water, another 100 yards past the farthest point on his regular circuit. It's a little deeper where our boat sits (5 feet), and we're about 30 yards farther off the bank than Vinson.


He just reached the intersection of two levees that form the corner of the pocket and is turning around to head back to his main area. The trolling motor blades are turning fast.


Vinson's body language isn't quite as relaxed as earlier today, but he's not pressing at all. We'll allow a little more tension for the guy with the Classic title hanging in the balance.

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