Vinson keeping it together

Greg Vinson arrived about 15 minutes ago, and I'm impressed with his demeanor. He very casually pulled off his heavy jacket and took his time trolling into his first spot. He seems very relaxed for a guy who's a pound off the lead in the Bassmaster Classic. And that's the kind of composure that helps anglers win tournaments.


Vinson made several casts with a chartreuse and white spinnerbait and then picked up a flipping rod to flip some sort of soft plastic to matted hyacinth along the bank. He's back with the spinnerbait now, throwing it alongside the mats as well as in between pad stems and sporadic stumps in this small pocket. I just noticed that he's also looking for beds as he retrieves the spinnerbait.


This pocket is 4 feet deep in the middle. It's about 100 yards to the back of it and roughly 30 yards across at the widest point. This is actually his secondary area. His main spot is just west of here, and he'll probably move there a little later this morning.


On another note, it looked like Keith Combs won the slow race through the stump field in front of Edwin Evers and Todd Faircloth. They're all three fishing a 400-yard stretch not far from the spots where Vinson and Bobby Lane are fishing.

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