Vinson catches number six

Greg Vinson has a limit, and just as I was about to type that it didn't help a lot, he caught No. 6, which did help. His fifth fish was barely a keeper, but the sixth went about 2 pounds, which allowed him to cull his smallest fish from this morning.


Both bass came on the chartreuse and white blade, which he was throwing parallel to the hyacinths along the wind blown bank of this pocket.


With about an hour to fish, he's headed in the right direction, but he'll need another kicker to take a stab at the crown. We're estimating his weight at roughly 12 or 12 1/2 pounds.


A few notes on how Vinson's picking apart this area: He's using the spinnerbait as a search bait, targeting stumps toward the back of the pocket. He's using a medium retrieve but killing the bait as it reaches the stumps. Another target is an old fence row that runs through the spot.


For the most part, Vinson is working back and forth over a roughly 200-yard stretch. He'll work close to the bank and then work back the other direction a little farther off the bank. He fishes the blade before stopping with his Power-Poles and using different soft plastics to work on potential spawners.


It's interesting to note that he doesn't spend a lot of time when he sits down on a spot. It's typically two or three casts to the bed and then a move.

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