Vinson back at Day One spot

Greg Vinson is back on his spot that put him in second place on Day One. It's a small pocket in the Little Jungle that features a stretch of water that's a little deeper than the surrounding area and a ditch that runs up to shallower water.


There are stumps and lily pad stems throughout the spot. Vinson seems very composed and relaxed, by which I mean he doesn't seem to be rushing his casts or boat movements. It's almost as if he's killing time, waiting for the real action that will come later. And that makes sense when you consider that his most active period Friday came closer to noon.


With cooler air temperature and slightly cooler water this morning, you'd think fishing would improve later in the day today. It certainly isn't real hot in Vinson's spot right now.


Of course, just as I typed that last sentence,Vinson bowed up on one. He walked to the back of the boat and played it longer than usual, and I saw why when he finally grabbed the fish and lifted it into the boat. I'm going to say it was 3 pounds or better (we're probably watching from 100 yards). Not a bad first fish.

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