Sullivans is popular

Yerger and I have arrived in Sullivan's, and it's a popular place.


Swindle, Vinson and others are here. This area is a big oxbow full of flats, stumps and ditches. It gets hammered year-round, but for good reason: it always produces.


Swindle is pitching along the bank to some scattered grass while Vinson is across the way spewing mud and dirt into the air as he tries to free himself from a sandbar. The wraps on these boats will take a beating. Unfortunately, many of them are brand new.

There's a consistent 10 mile-per-hour wind blowing through Sullivan's, which prompted Swindle to pick up a chartreuse spinnerbait, one of Yerger's favorite baits on the river. Swindle's really moving along, covering lots of water.

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