Still no bite

We are sitting in about 4 feet of water out at the entrance to this small rectangular-shaped cut. There appears to be a small channel through the pad stems that Bobby Lane worked his way through to get to the back.


One of the spectator boats followed Lane yesterday too. He said there is a 20-yard stretch of water where Lane has caught all his fish. Lane will catch one and then back off, let it rest and return to catch one later. Right now, he hasn't had a bite, prime stretch or not.


Part of that might have to do with the barometric pressure. Henry Jolly, our camera boat driver, has a handy tool on his electronics that shows the pressure and yesterday during the afternoon flurry, the pressure was steadily dropping. Today, the pressure was rising all morning and now it's holding steady.


Or maybe it's the moon phase. Jolly told me that today is the worst time of the month to fish, judging by the lunar calendar. That caused some dissension in the boat, as Eric then argued insistently that moon plays no effect on the fishing. It was experienced Jolly versus scientific Pinter and they any back and forth for a good 15 minutes. Finally, Eric conceded the light from the moon might have an effect, but he still doubted any gravitational influence.


What do you think?


I just wanted them to stop yapping so I could do some blogging in peace.


It's been exactly one hour and Lane hasn't got a bite.

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