To stay or leave?

Lowen has turned around and is working his way back out. Just as he turned, he set the hook and missed one. It was right in front of us and I could see him shake his head briefly before moving on.


Walker has kept going, all the way back to where the cut makes another bend and is choked off by more vegetation. He hasn't had another bite, but continues to pick apart the cover. The challenge now will be to
decide how long to stay. Waiting until the bite turns on in the afternoon is the best option, but these guys on Pool 4 don't have much of the afternoon. They have to be back at the lock by 2, which means leaving here at 1:30. That's not much time to let the water warm up.


It sneaks up on you. Just when Walker was hitting his hot streak yesterday, he turned to me and said it was time to go. I looked down and thought, "Wow, it's that late already?"


Walker caught 10 to 12 keepers in here yesterday and at this time, only has one. If he can get one more, that would give him plenty more incentive to stay.

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