Shootout on the Red River

We have a pretty awesome story developing here. Last year on Pickwick, both Keith Poche and Davy Hite had the opportunity to win going into the final day fishing a boat length apart by the dam. Poche ended up fading, while Hite won the whole event.


Now, back in this backwater, events seem to be unfolding in a similar way. Hite and Poche are both sharing water and each are in contention in this event. There are a series of spectator boats at the mouth and the competitors are circling around the back of this pond.


Poche has caught a few shorts and then suddenly anchored down on what appears to be a bedding bass. After a few minutes of working on it, he started setting the hook frequently, but was unable to connect.


Eric was a wreck. He had to point the camera at him constantly because any cast could be the one where he hooked it. I can't imagine what Poche was feeling. Finally, he set the hook and his rod loaded up with what appeared to be a hefty bass. Almost immediately, the fish came off.


That was a huge miss...his fifth fish and a good one.


Poche stuck with it for awhile longer and it bit a few times, but he had already put a hook to it. Meanwhile Davy Hite had boated about three keepers in the time Poche was on that one fish. He had about 12 pounds according to the camera boat.


Finally, Poche gave up on that fish temporarily and turned toward where Hite was. Hite tossed a dagger in that moment, pulling up his best fish right in front of Poche. Then Poche caught his fifth keeper. This has turned into a shootout on the Red River.

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