Seeing the Red from above

Anglers make their way down river to lock into Pool 4. (Mike Suchan photo)


We hitched another ride this morning with helicopter pilot Paul Barth, who along with cameraman Steve Cassidy provide aerial footage for Bassmaster TV.


They circled and buzzed the takeoff, following the leaders down before watching KVD again circle and fish close to the launch. Then is was downriver to catch the anglers running to the lock. We flew back up and circled anglers who were actually fishing before they had to head back and get the HD tape to the JM production team to begin their editing process.


Again, it was chilly, again it was exhilarating, and again we appreciate Camera Copters for allowing us to fly in their little bird and bring you aerial photos of the anglers and the playing field.


Watch for a feature on Barth and Cassidy leading up to next weekend's Classic shows. If you want more info on them, go to


View the birds-eye gallery here.

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