Pool 4 seeing some big names

My boat driver and Red River stick Beaux Yearger and I are in Pool 4, roughly 25 minutes south of Lock 5.


We saw 15 boats coming through this morning, most all of which were en route to Sullivan's and the other ponds off the Red. However, Kevin VanDam was creeping along at 57 MPH, making Yearger think he's saving gas to head to Pool 3.

We caught up with Fletcher Shryock who is looking for a bite in the Wagon Wheel area. "I'm now hoping I don't get bit in here," he said. If he did, he'd have to consider the area. Fortunately, he didn't get a nibble and headed to Sullivan's.

Stephen Browning is further down the river cranking in a backwater. The water temperature here is 55.8, but it's a lot clearer. Yearger expects fish to be pushing toward shallow water in anticipation for the spawn.

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