Navigating the jungle

I made an executive decision for now. Because I don't know exactly where Evers is starting, I'm heading into the New Jungle and watching Bobby Lane for a bit. Without Trey Reid's guidance, that wouldn't have been possible. There's a reason this place is known as the jungle.


Lane makes his first cast at 8:34 a.m. CT. He was the first one through the chute leading back here. Vinson is still idling back to his spot, while two other competitors work back into another area. The temperature from where we are standing is 57.9 degrees. It's warmer than Sullivan's was yesterday morning, so either the water's been warmer here or it was a really good warm afternoon yesterday. Both should help the fishing as the day progresses.


Lane is fishing what looks like a spinnerbait way up in the old pad stems. This is a pretty small pocket that Lane has been seining, but he's covering water pretty fast this morning, likely looking for an aggressive early bite. Despite the fact that we've hammered home the point about afternoon bites dominating the event, the morning action can be the deciding factor. Bill Lowen lost multiple fish each of the last two days in the morning. That's going to hurt him. Bobby Lane could catch a solid keeper in these first few hours that could propel him into the lead.


After starting at a pretty quick pace, Lane has slowed down and made multiple casts with a spinnerbait and then flipping. He didn't drop the Power-Poles, so I'm not sure if he saw anything.

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