McDade still producing

Ott DeFoe left McDade a while ago to hit a secret hole that even my driver Beaux Yerger didn't know about. Yesterday when DeFoe left to hit it, he came back with a 5-pounder and a pair of 3s. All of that happened within several minutes. He hasn't returned yet, so it's probably producing well. The spot is small enough that DeFoe's camera boat couldn't fit in.


In McDade, though, Iaconelli has caught a few more keepers on a Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper; and Steve Kennedy is throwing his "secret" swimbait he used to win at West Point Lake last year in the Elites.


Dustin Wilks just caught one on a buzzbait. That's right, a buzzbait with clear, high skies. It's getting weird in here. Word has it that Martens is still catching fish out of deep trees near the front of McDade.

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