Making our way to Little Jungle


I'm headed to Coushatta to cover the action in the Little Jungle, a backwater near the lower end of Pool 4. Photographer Jerry Cunningham and I will be covering 2nd-place angler Greg Vinson and we'll also try to provide updates on Bobby Lane (4th place), who's fishing about 200 yards from Vinson.


Vinson told me this morning at the takeoff that he hopes to start in an area that's just east of his main spot, an area where a couple of local anglers had set up shop Saturday morning. There's some matted grass that in that spot that yielded a good fish to Vinson on Friday. Then he'll start working his main spot near an island in the very back of his pocket in the Little Jungle. The area has a few pockets of deeper water, probably about 4 feet, and a shallower flat with a ditch running through it. To me, that sounds like a textbook set-up for Intercepting spawners.


With cooler overnight temperatures, Vinson doesn't expect the bite to turn on until a little later in the day, so all of the Greg Vinson fans keeping up here, don't worry if we don't report any big catches for a while today.

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