Lowen and Walker go head to head

Both Bill Lowen and David Walker have started in the same little backwater area. It's not very big and looking crowded with the camera boat along, too. But that also means exciting head-to-head action happening.


Right now, Walker is the first to strike with a 2-pound keeper. Lowen spent some time in here yesterday morning before leaving for another spot. He had a pretty good day all around and finished 10th with over 14 pounds, although most of that weight wasn't caught here. He's probably looking for a few quick keepers before moving to another place. He doesn't know that Walker caught his best fish there late.


Walker, on the other hand, most likely hopes Lowen doesn't stay long again today. There aren't enough fish for both of them to win on this spot. But 16 pounds a day is very doable for Walker and would put him in contention for the win.


Since that first keeper, the action has slowed down. Right now, though, any keepers are bonus fish. It's the afternoon that will tell the tale.

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