Locks, stops and two smoking bass

We haven’t been able to get a hold of David Walker’s boat to confirm Walker’s 7-1 but Hank Weldon, who has been running BASSTrakk for four or five straight Classics, says he’s pretty sure it’s legit. He made the case that the number punched in is too unique. The 7 is not near the 1 and there’s no way he was trying to put in a 71 ounce fish. So, we think it’s good. I should note here though that I’ve seen crazier things happen when some of the Marshals get a hold of the BASSTrakk phones.


Josh Polfer, a Federation angler, has caught two bass in the last 8 minutes, including a 6 pounder. That’s two really nice bass (if Walker’s is legit), and it’s only 9 a.m. That only solidifies the thought that today is going to produce some big bags.


At this point, it looks like the only angler that locked to Pool 3 – that’s a two-lock trip – is Greg Hackney. That’s a long trip. We launched two hours ago, which makes that about a two-hour trip. The first flight checks in at 3, which means Hackney is cutting his fishing day in half by making that run. One thing he gets in return for that run is a whole lot of water all to himself

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