Lane in high grass

There are pad stems all over the cut Bobby Lane is fishing, but he stays keyed in on a particular series of them. There is a thicker stretch of pad stems about 20 yards off the shore. Lane is positioning himself between that stretch and the bank, casting to both sides of the boat with a spinnerbait and then flipping the thicker shoreline cover, a mix of pad stems and vegetation.


He fished in and out down the north bank and now pulls up the trolling motor to make a move. He's idling through the pad stems, surprisingly not hitting any stumps. We must have left the jungle and made it to the savanna, with high grasses everywhere.


Lane heads to the pocket closer to where Vinson is currently. He's far away, so I can't tell how thick the pad stems are, but I can see he's picked up the spinnerbait and he's back to tossing it around.

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