Hitting the sweet spot

I’m going to do my best to explain a little bit of the weather situation and hammer home a point that I’ve been hammering home all morning: today is the day to catch a big bag.


Zona explained some of this on the live feed, but I’m going to put it on paper (actually, your screen).


The basic thing you need to understand is guys are looking, ideally, for clearer, clean water. There has been a lot of rain and such the last couple weeks in this area (and north of this area) that muddied up the water real bad. Typically, that mud flows south with the current over time, which would explain why less than half the field locked south (19 of 49).


To add to the south/north mud flow, the warm front that came in on Wednesday and Thursday, which brought the air temperature to 80 degrees yesterday, was blowing from south to north. That warmed things up (yea!) but kept the muddy water from flowing south (boo!). And guys couldn’t get on the water yesterday, so they just had to guess as to whether that mud moved out of or into their A-1 spot.


“I bet there are some guys who thought their spot would be clear that are disappointed right now,” Zona said.


If you’re still following me, hang in there, I’m getting to the pay-off. There was a cold front that blew through this morning – from north to south, which will help move the mud south as this day goes on but won’t really affect the water temperature until later tonight.


So all that to say, we’re about to hit a window that will probably give us the best fishing this three-day tournament is going to offer. It’s the perfect storm: water is warm from the warm front, mud is moving south from the cold front, guys are figuring it out as the day goes on, and weather will get into the 60s in the next hour or so.


The last five hours of today is going to be really interesting. This might be the only day where these guys get warm, clear(ish) water.

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