Heading to College Classic weigh-in

There's still plenty of time left for the anglers in the tournament, but my time on the water has come to an end. I'm heading back to host the Bassmaster College Classic weigh-in at 3:30 p.m. CT on the Classic stage. It's a great experience for the three teams that are competing today at nearby Cross Lake:  LSU, Arkansas and LSU Shreveport. LSU stands as the defending champions. We will see who ends up with bragging rights this year.


On a different note, I really enjoy coming to Shreveport. The crowds are huge and loud, the fans are friendly and the area is crazy about fishing. Take this monument at Bodacious BBQ, for instance. Even the pigs are getting in on the fish-catching action.


We met some great people, from my new friends in Columbus, Ohio that made the cross-country trek here to my camera boat driver Marty Jolly, who delighted me by arguing with Eric for most of the morning. He needs someone to keep him in line now and again. (If you missed that argument and have a strong opinion about the effects of moon phases on fishing, look back to this morning's blog and comment away.)


Tonight is going to offer plenty of excitement, for myself and the rest of the staff, for the fans and for the anglers. At the end of the night, one angler's life will change forever. Like you, I'll be following the last hour of live blogs with interest as things draw to a conclusion.


Can't wait until we come back!

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