Hackney is taking chances

Greg Hackney might just be driving to his home in Gonzalez, La. He’s miles and miles further south than the rest of the field. At this point he’s gone about  70 miles and he’s still going.


According to Zona, Hackney said he only needs one hour on the stretch he’s heading toward and he thinks, as Zona said, “He will crush their heads.”


That kind of gamble speaks to the type of tournament the Bassmaster Classic. Unlike all the other events these guys fish, this is a win or go home tournament. There are no points awarded and the cash difference between first and second place is enough to fund a five year career.


Hackney has been favored as the local in a number of the recent Classics and just flat bombed. He’s a guy who takes chances, and that’s what wins events like the Classic. Nobody will remember the bombs if he makes this work.

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