Hackney headed to Pool 3

Word on the dock was that Greg Hackney plans to make a long run to Pool 3.


Hackney just confirmed that, saying he'll make a quick stop in Pool 5 (where anglers launch). He'll have about 15 minutes to fish there before heading to the first lock, which is scheduled to close at 7:50.


Then he'll run straight to the second lock, which will close at 8:50. He'l have about 3 hours to fish in Pool 3, but the advantage will be less company from other anglers.


Hackney said he saw Shaw Grigsby and Ish Monroe in pool 3 during practice, and he figures there's a chance they know about the same small pond he's going to fish.


But Hackney may get lucky in that regard. I talked to Monroe, and he's not headed to pool 3 this morning because he's in the second flight and wants to maximize fishing time.


I also talked to Grigsby, and he said he'll decide on whether to go long after checking a spot in pool 5. If he finds less than 3 other anglers in that spot, he'll fish there. If there are more, he'l go to pool 3.


So far, Hackney's plan to get away from the crowd seems to be falling into place. But it's a long way to pool 3 and much could go wrong with two locks and a lot of river miles.


But with big risks come big rewards.

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