Follow the leader -- wherever he goes

James Overstreet is an animal when it comes to getting the shot.


Pete Robbins has sent in recent blogs saying he and JO got out of the boat and took a walk to see what was up with Chris Lane. They didn't dare try to boat in so took the terrestial route. That's dedication.

Pete sent us this photo of the Lowrance to show that Lane isn't even in a known waterway. What the backwater?


Here's another shot showing the area Lane is fishing.


Here's Pete's latest report, which came in while I was working this up:


Lane tells us he caught 4 fish in here and culled twice. He believes he has 12 or 13 pounds.


"It ain't enough," he lamented.


He needs to be back at the ramp in 52 minutes -- and there is still the issue of getting out of here.

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