Fishing is hot despite the cold weather

The fishing is hot, but the weather is cold. There's a steady 10 mph wind blowing through McDade, with gusts to 15. We've seen plenty of fish catches. but anglers are starting to move around more. I said earlier in a BASSCam video that there's plenty of water in here for all these guys, but we didn't know just how many pros there are in here. This place is fishing tight now. Allan Glasgow, Steve Kennedy and Fletcher Shryock keep jockeying for a spot on the same 100-yard sterech of bank, while Andrew Upshaw is idling all over. Randy Howell is still hammering his hot spot along the dam in the back. Iaconelli and DeFoe are moving toward the front of McDade, while Shryock was contemplating locking  through to Pool 4. "I was just going to fish here for a few minutes until I could lock through, but I got some bites and well, I'm still here," he said. Dustin Wilks' shallow, tree-filled honey hole seems to have produced some larger fish recently.

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