Faircloth, Evers fishing in close proximity

We have found Faircloth and Evers with a group of about eight spectator boats wedged between them. Faircloth is slowly picking apart a line of reeds with small patches of floating vegetation blown up against them. He's using a compact, green pumpkin creature bait and flipping methodically down the bank. Faircloth is one of the most patient anglers I've seen on the water. Some of these 15-foot flips, he spends 30 seconds on, shaking and dragging it.


Behind Faircloth there is a line of pad stems that runs way out down the middle of the backwater, forming a channel where Faircloth's boat currently sits. On the back side of those pads is where Edwin Evers is fishing.


Evers is moving down the edge, throwing a swim jig up into the pads and bringing it out. As he gets about even with Faircloth, he hooks up with a fish and quickly wrestles it into the boat. About 5 minutes later, he catches another one, this one about a 2-pounder. As he swings it into the boat, it hits the front of his trolling motor, but incredibly, stay hooked and he pops it over the side. He's still not culling, so that was probably his fifth keeper there.


Evers is fishing the jig pretty rapidly with twitches of his rod and the small brown jig is bouncing off the pads and dancing through the grass. In the distance Faircloth sets the hook on a bass and it flies out of the reeds and dives under the boat. It looked to be a solid 2 1/2-pounder and Faircloth was able to cull with it. Evers asked him how much he thought he had and Faircloth estimated his weight at 10 pounds or so.