Don't forget about Fantasy, I can

Remember your Fantasy Fishing team – I’d like to forget mine. So far.


I felt good about picking Josh Polfer. After all, 2011 Classic sensation Brandon Palaniuk had him as his No. 1 dark horse. Of course, they’re friends. Both are from Idaho, both are Federation Nation guys. Palaniuk made a big splash last year with a fourth in the Classic then a stellar Elite season to return to the Classic.


Polfer was here at the Red River when Palaniuk won the Fed Nation title, so I knew Brandon wasn’t just Joshing around. These Idaho spuds, or studs as they suggested, can fish.


Placing both on my Fantasy team seemed like using inside info when Polfer was among the BASSTrakk leaders on Day One. Polfer was fourth in those unofficial standings, but is tied for 25th in reality, namely the Realtime Leaderboard. (That’s why we say BASSTrakk is unofficial. Edwin Evers was 39th but stands in eighth. Oh, watch out for him.)


On the other hand, Palaniuk is last with a big fat zero, giving me a big fat zero. I’m in the bottom of both of my groups. Of course, there’s time to make up some ground – Never give up! Yep. Thought his history would get me a jump in Group A, but Ike is 31st.


Keith Combs (17th) and Stephen Browning (tied with Polfer) have me in the muddy end, but there’s always Saturday – moving day.


Someone tell me just why is it you look at the leaders and slap yourself, saying I knew I should have picked him.  Why is that?


Anybody kicking tail in Fantasy. If so, who ya got and why did you pick them?

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