DeFoe, Wilks fishing McDade

McDade is a ghost town. Well, compared to the past two days it is. Ott DeFoe and Dustin Wilks are working the same areas they have been since this derby started. DeFoe caught a 1 1/4-pounder on a tiny Rapala X-Rap jerkbait. He just now put a 1-pounder in the well. Wilks is throwing the same crankbait that did all of his damage the first day.


I asked him about it on Day One, and he said that his  friend doesn't want to make any except what he and Wilks can use. Wilks only has three of them, the colors are: perch, chartreuse/black and a generic shad. The shad one has been cleaning up.


DeFoe just boated a short. The little X-Rap is tearing 'em up.

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