Crowds and shallow water

Dealing with a crowd can be challenging on shallow-water fisheries. Both Faircloth and Evers had boats watching them all morning. They had staked up in the middle of the pad stems and Evers actually caught a fish about 10 yards from them. It's important that the anglers instruct and direct the spectators on where to go to stay out of the way.


We were even guilty of encroachment. Despite staying well back from the anglers, they ended up moving towards us and casting around the boat. At that point, all you can do is anchor up and make as little noise as possible.


Evers fished by us and then made a move out to the mouth of the long cut he was back in. He fished for about two minutes and then was powering out of the New Jungle, taking about half the spectators with him.


Time is ticking down on these guys in Pool 4 and I'm shocked they haven't caught them better than they have. Warmer water, sunny skies, a gentle breeze...sounds like the recipe for success, but that just hasn't been the case.

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