Cooler temps, slower start

"Definitely colder, Bill," Walker said.


The water temperature has dropped over 4 or 5 degrees, and the bite is slower than yesterday.


"I think all we did was jerk for the first 30 minutes," Lowen said.


Lowen lost his first five bites yesterday and had to go somewhere else to get his mind right. Apparently, that was just the cure he needed.


One thing I noticed when we were just arriving at this spot is that there were plenty of floating hyacinths that looked like they had been blown out into the main part of the backwater. When we got back into Walker's area, I realized how that was possible. Yesterday, there was a thick mat of hyacinths clogging up the middle of the cut. Walker could only go back so far. Today, the blockade seems to be mostly gone and has opened up a longer stretch of water for these guys to flip.


So far, it hasn't panned out, but it's still cold. When it warms up, there will be more places for a fish to hide. The only bad news is that the water must have fallen for the hyacinths to get blown out.

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