Cold, windy conditions on Red River

Some of us don't have lucky cookies to carry us through the day. Although I will say that the car we are riding in is nice and toasty. Outside, it is cold and windy, conditions that will get some if these anglers off their game.


Talking with David Walker at the dock this morning, he told me he liked the weather because it will eliminate more of the field right from the start. Anyone can fish in beautiful conditions, but it takes a special mindset to excel when things are tough.


Check out the video with him at the launch on the BASSCam page.


I would also like to give a shout out to Mike and Marshall from Columbus, Ohio. I met them on the plane coming into Shreveport last night and they were geeked out about attending their first Classic. They are just a few of the many great fans of this sport that come from all over the country to see the big show this weekend. Shreveport turns out great crowds and this morning was no different. The shoreline and ramps were packed with spectators. Today's weigh-in should be even bigger.


Almost time to break out the PBJ.

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