Classic field starting to take shape?

One of the big questions that most folks are having in this event is how will these anglers spread out over the course of a three-day event?


Gerald Swindle said yesterday that he expected 40 of the 49 boats to head down to Pool 4, with the rest sticking close.


He wasn't close. We have about 16 boats locking through, with the rest sticking their nose in a variety of places in Pool 5. It's not surprising that the biggest concentration is located in the Cupples/Caspiana Lake area, where Skeet Reese won in 2009.


We have BassTrakk on most of the boats and it's showing about 8 boats in that area, including John Crews, David Walker, Alton Jones and Kieth Combs.

That doesn't mean those guys will fish there. They may be making sure that area doesn't bite them again.


Practice Day is an interesting day. Some of these guys are in full practice mode. They have no idea what they will be doing come Friday, yet. Others are just moving around and getting a feel for the river, hoping no one gets on their primary spot, while checking equipment and covering their bases.


We won't be tracking catches today. It's a pseudo practice for us as well. We will give you consistent updates all day from our bloggers on the water and what we learn by keeping in touch with as many of the anglers and Marshals as we can.


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