Chris Lane gives fist pump for his 5

Chris Lane just turned to us and pumped his fist emphatically. A 5-pounder goes a long way toward settling an angler down and earning a half million dollar payday.


Shortly thereafter he boated a small keeper. He had to measure it, but it barely kept -- put it in the little fish side.


Lane is back in the corner of the pocket, the area that the wind pushes everything into, including a thick mat of hyacinths. Reed worked within 25 yards of him and they started to converse.


Lane thanked Reed for leaving him the corner, then offered up that the big fish he just caught was "about five."


For obvious sponsorship-based reasons, Lane mentions his Power-Poles every chance he gets. Today is a perfect example of why they're so valuable to him, though. He sets them down in this ùltra-shallow water and doesn't have to worry about the increasing winds pushing him on top of his fish.

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