Chapman's move and the need for adjusting

Chapman is making an early move today. On a day which anglers thought would be tough because of a cold front that blew in, Chapman has already boated three fish for 9 pounds (2,3,5). He’s fishing in the top of Shaw Lake in Pool 5 and at the moment has the area to himself.


His 9 pounds put him in a semi-tie with Aaron Martens for the Classic lead. This is my 7th straight year covering these bass events and what I’ve learned in that time is that drastic weather changes do two things every time: screw somebody and make somebody. One man’s weather trash is another man’s treasure.


On Friday, it was warm and windy. Today it is cold and calm. There aren’t many patterns that will stay consistent between those two different conditions. The greats – VanDam and friends – are the guys who can adjust to the weather and are almost always fishing to the conditions.


I think there’s going to be a lot of movement in the standings because some of these guys who hammered them on Day One are going to be slow to abandon the style that put them in the lead. You can always spot those guys on the weigh-in stage because they start talking about how the weather hurt them and killed their bite. The guys who adjust – whether they caught them or not – are always talking about an adjustment they made or lamenting one they didn’t.


The below photo of Chapman’s 4-pounder is from his Marshal, Bruce McDonald.

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