Burners getting burned early

It’s early, so this post might not hold up in two hours (or even by the time I get done typing this), but here’s a list of the guys the Classic world was talking about. Here were the top-8 in the AOY standings at the end of last year:


Kevin VanDam

Edwin Evers

Gerald Swindle

Ott DeFoe

Steve Kennedy

Terry Scroggins

Casey Ashley

Davy Hite


The only two guys doing anything right now from that group are Davy Hite and (kind of) Terry Scroggins.


Zona made the great point on our War Room feed that the “burners” – the guys who cover a lot of water – are not doing well. But the guys who typically grind it out and pick spots apart, are doing well. I don’t think there’s any debate that the burner style is definitely the most successful style over a long period of time, but every once in a while they’ll hit a tournament where it – for lack of a better phrase – burns them. This could be one of those tournaments.


Of course that’s a generalization of the leaderboard right now, and there are exceptions, but it’s looking like a grinder’s event.

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