Buck bass Vinson's second of day

Greg Vinson just pulled a buck bass off a bed for today's second fish.


"It's not much, but it's one more than I had," Vinson said. "It's slow in here. Fish are wanting to spawn but they're really not locked down that well."


The water temperature was 55 degrees when we arrived this morning, but it has climbed to about 57. The more it rises, the better the fishing. Yesterday, Vinson said 59 degrees was the magic number.


Bait update -- we're close enough now to see that Vinson is sight fishing with a lizard and some type of creature bait.


One more thing: the wind is finally picking up down here, and we expect that to turn on the bite too. Just that slight chop on the water can make a world of difference. It might make it a little harder to see bedding fish, but it also can make the bass slightly less bashful.

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