Bobby Lane now in Vinson's spot

Trey Reid informs me that the spot Bobby Lane is fishing right now is the same area Greg Vinson started this morning. There are some scattered stumps and stick ups along with a variety of vegetation and pad stems.


The water temperature at the mouth is 58.5 degrees, so things are warming up. It looks like Lane is flipping at the very back of the cut, where the hyacinth makes a point. He's not focused on anything in particular though as he keeps looking from side to side, scanning the water.


Conditions are almost identical to yesterday, with sunny, warming skies and no wind. No wind might be hurting the spinnerbait bite although the water isn't as clear as where we saw Poche and Hite yesterday. A little stain can be forgiving for these anglers, when they are covering water.


One interesting thing is that on our GPS, this spot shows up as two small ponds, one where Vinson is and one where Lane is.

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