A big birthday gift for B.A.S.S. writer

Pete Robbins last smiled this big when his Chia Pet grew.

All bass anglers dream of landing a monster.

B.A.S.S. writer Pete Robbins lived his dream today – on his 42nd birthday.

Fishing with Elite Series pro Clark Reehm, Robbins caught a 12-pound bass on Camelot Bell, a private ranch in Coolidge, Texas. 

“Is there any better way to spend a birthday week?” said Robbins, who proudly posted the photo on his Facebook page: 

Best birthday present ever? Sure beats the hell out of the Chia Pet I got last year and the socks from the year before.

Robbins, who lives in Vienna, Va., used ¾-ounce homemade spinnerbait from Reehm and a DX745 rod built by Gary Dobyns. His previous best was an 8-12 caught while covering the Elite event on Falcon Lake in 2008. 

His love of the B.A.S.S. game has Robbins taking time off his regular job to hobnob with Elite anglers … oh, and write articles, like The condensed guide to winning a Red River Classic

From Texas, he’s heading to Shreveport-Bossier City to cover another Classic, but not before one more fishing stop Tuesday on Lake Fork, another Texas trophy fishery. Can he best his best?

“If I top it, great,” said. “If not, now I can die in peace. 

“I've caught marlin, sailfish, big cats and went to Brazil for peacock bass in November (going back in Sept.), but no fish means more to me than this one.”

Your biggest bass always does.

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