The best is yet to come

The Day Two weigh-in draws near, but here are a few thoughts on today’s fishing action to wrap up my live blogging for the day.


For starters, it was a much better day for fishing – and reporting from the water. The wind was brutal on Day One, so we were thrilled with the Red River’s glassy surface this morning.


Then Bobby Lane set the tone for a good day when he hauled in a 4-pounder on his first cast, and we were in place to see it. Greg Vinson started putting fish in his livewell just a few minutes later.


We moved from Vinson and Lane (they’re fishing about 200 yards apart) and found Todd Faircloth and Keith Combs in another pocket of the area called the Little Jungle. Faircloth was on fire, catching a half dozen fish in about half an hour. They weren’t huge, but he incrementally increased his total to an estimated 16 or 17 pounds.


All this is a wordy way of saying Day Two, at least from my perspective, was a much better day at the Bassmaster Classic. The wind increased a little in the afternoon, but it was just enough to put a slight chop on the water that should’ve helped the anglers become less visible to the fish.


The weigh-in will tell us if it really was a better fishing day across the board, and I’m expecting that to be the case. I also expect Day Three to be even better.


Buckle your seat belts, B.A.S.S. fans, it’s going to be a good one on Sunday.


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