All quiet in the New Jungle

Bobby Lane worked his way out of the pocket on high and stopped suddenly, dropping his Power-Poles. He sat down for a minute to re-rig a bait and then hopped up to focus in on what might have been a bed. He hit that for a few minutes before packing up and trolling out. After getting to deep water, he put the boat on pad and alternated idling and running, getting out of the New Jungle in under 5 minutes, a new record.


I'm surprised fishing has been so dead back in here. The water temperature has been skyrocketing as we sat there watching Lane. When he left, the water was 59 degrees and I'm sure it was even warmer in the shallower sections. He must have seen something he didn't like, because he didn't even return to his primary area.


We are going to move out a little and look for Faircloth and Evers, who are both back in the same longer cut. Combs was back there too, but just trolled his way out. Judging from BASSTrakk and what we've seen on the water, the New Jungle just isn't producing yet. The wind has started to pick up a little as well.

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