All Iked Up

At least two anglers are Iked up for the Classic.


One is Mike Iaconelli, who by name, and disposition, is naturally Iked Up.

The other is Fletcher Shryock, who shares a similar passion for bass fishing as Ike. Yet Shryock, the former dirt bike racer who burst onto the scene with his Open victory, is getting Iked Up in another fashion.


In a Facebook post today, Shryock appears to have a can of Ike’s energy drink on the deck of his boat. It’s still dark, so Shryock seems to be preparing for the first day of Classic practice on the Red River with some Never Give Up juice. The post with the photo reads:


“If you're showing up to the Bassmaster Classic... get Iked Up with a energy drink!!”


The can actually has Never Give Up Get Iked Up! on the side, along with Ike’s signature. Digging into Iked Up, a Google searcher at first gets a bunch of tattoo sites. (No, it wasn’t mistyped as inked.)


Further digging finds how you can buy it for $2 a can on a site where Ike was promoting Hatcams. Yet another search drew some interest when Skeet & Ike’s popped up. Wow, when did Reese and Iaconelli team up?


Wait, it’s a site for organic snack foods. Wait again, some guy is nicknamed Skeet with a dog named Ike. What are the odds?


Shryock must have found the Iked Up at Shreveport-Bossier City store, or maybe he teamed up with Ike and bought a case before heading down from Newcomerstown, Ohio. Either way, it’s mildly amusing.


While this was Facebook reporting 101, which seems to be trending, we hope to get in touch with some Classic competitors tonight once they get off the water and bring you updates throughout the weekend, so stay tuned.