Aerial update

My fingers are numb. I've been riding in a helicopter with the door off to get video and photos. Wonder what windchill factor is at 100 mph.


We saw a flotilla head into a backwater that had crystal clear water compared to the chocolate milk of the main channel. We flew over the lock to Pool 4 and watched the boats stack up only to have to wait. It looked like several smart ones were fishing while they waited to get in. Greg Vinson was the leader out of that pack of 18 boats with Edwin Evers, Shaw Grigsby and Davy Hite pursuing.


Two anglers, I believe it was Jeff Kriet and Stephen Browning, had issues getting into a clear backwater ditch; they were forced to pole in through the shallow gap.


We're cold and low on fuel so were coming in. Hope to have some interesting images soon.

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